RR Beauty Glowing Serum

RR Beauty

RR Beauty Glowing Serum
RR Beauty Glowing Serum
RR Beauty Glowing Serum
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Keep it simple but significant.

This waterbased glowing serum is enriched with Vitamin C, Witch Hazel & Apple Stemcell. These 3 important ingredients are like the "potion" that works "magic" on your skin.

Wanna know what magic? Take a look!

  • Anti-aging benefits, Vitamin C is required to protect your skin from damage, especially the Sun's UV rays. It plays the role of anti-oxidant for your skin. 
  • Apple Stemcell works on inhibiting the melanin production in the skin. Plus, it makes the skin feel smoother & moisturised.
  • Witch hazel, a natural astringent, helps to tighten pores. Indirectly, it also removes excess oil, dirt & bacteria. 

 Available to purchase individually or as a set with the glowing soap and/or glow foundation. 

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